2016: Touching the Voids

Every birth chart is, to a greater or lesser extent, out of balance.  The nature of each imbalance provides important clues for chart interpretation, since there is an inherent urge towards the creation of harmony, balance and health in each natal chart.  In the often unconscious but always compulsive drive towards integration,  extraordinary achievements are possible. This webinar will explore the difficulties, struggles and immense potential of element, mode and polarity voids and singletons.

Duration: 2 hours 26 minutes.  

2015: The Astrological Sun

The astrological Sun symbolises the centre of our being, our life force and core identity, but when astrologers are discussing, analysing and interpreting charts it is often the ‘elephant in the room’.  We will approach this great star with caution since, in its physical manifestation at least, it can blind us if we look at it directly.  The astrological Sun has a complex, multi-levelled hierarchy of meanings, and we will use solar myths to explore the relationship between light and shadow, day and night, height and depth, spirit and soul as we journey towards the conscious realisation of our true personal authority and integrity.

Duration: 2 hours 14 minutes.