Special Event

Four-Day Astrology Workshop: Finding our Life Stories

20-25 September 2019 
Shaftesbury, Dorset, England
Carole Taylor & Clare Martin

picture of Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, DorsetBirth charts are life stories, and it makes all the difference if our experiences are placed in an imaginative context – every angle, house and planet in astrology has an essential myth at its core. Stories lend meaning and significance to our lives – they are food for the soul.

Over four days, Carole and Clare will spend the mornings presenting a range of myths and stories relating to the day’s topic. We begin with myths of childhood, exploring our relationship to parents and siblings, before moving on to myths that speak of adolescence and adult relationships. We continue with myths connected to our worldly quest, though the placement of Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron in the chart, and finally we will explore the relationship of the individual to the collective via Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the birth chart.

In the afternoon sessions, we will split into two groups to explore the myths at work in your own lives and charts.

The workshop is suitable for astrologers at all stages of study and practice. It is useful to have some basic knowledge of astrological symbols and the concept of the birth chart.

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