Mapping the Psyche: An Introduction to Psychological Astrology

Mapping the Psyche is a three volume introduction to psychological astrology, based on the transcriptions of a course Clare taught for many years at the Centre for Psychological Astrology.

Audience participation in these seminar style books ensures that psychological terms are fully explained and illustrated with personal examples. Clare draws from a variety of sources, including the perennial philosophy, alchemy and the kabbalah, demonstrating the inherently spiritual and magical dimensions of this approach to psychological astrology.

These books are an ideal entry point into astrology’s symbolic language, and are recommended for anyone with a serious interest in discovering how astrology can enhance self-understanding and promote psychic integration.
Mapping The Psyche Vol 1

Mapping The Psyche: Vol 1

This volume is an introduction to astrology’s symbolic language, exploring the planets, signs, houses and aspects in the natal horoscope.

“This is relatively complex material for the beginner but it sure beats the cookbook style references in most beginner texts.” Chris Lorenz, Horoscope Magazine

“I really enjoyed your book – it is the first astrological book that I have read from cover to cover.  I am now going to buy Volume 2 as I want to understand the house system and how all of this fits in.  How comprehensive it all is and how it all fits together and what an art form the interpretation is.” Daska, astrological student

Mapping The Psyche: Vol 2

Volume 2 introduces the planetary aspects and the houses of the horoscope.  Readers will come across psychological terms such as projection, archetypes, synchronicity and the collective unconscious, and the audience participation in these seminar style books ensures that these terms are fully explained and illustrated with personal examples.

Mapping The Psyche Vol 3

Mapping The Psyche: Vol 3

Kairos – The Astrology of Time
In this long awaited third title in the series, Clare Martin gives an introduction to timing in the chart through the use of planetary transits, returns, progressions and directions.

“As students of Clare Martin, and readers of her two previous books, will recognise, Book 3, covering transits, returns, progressions and directions, is once again both immediately accessible and profound…. A clear understanding of the process provides the reader with an opportunity to consciously align their lives with the movements of the heavens. In this way, the book offers not only a crystal clear exposition of astrological mechanics, but a genuine “map” for students to follow. It also excels as an invaluable reference source for experienced astrologers to cherish.” Teresa Early, Dip.Psych.Astrol.

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