Star Crossed: Astrology, Personality Theory and the Meeting of Opposites Star Crossed: Astrology, Personality Theory and the Meeting of Opposites

“Imagine a world where developmental psychology meets the best of psychological astrology. Known for her ability to convey complicated concepts in simple language, Clare Martin has done it again. Available now!”

Astrology and personality theory share the recognition that we find ourselves in a world of duality and polarity, caught between opposites, and that all human experience takes place in the context of relationship.

Clare suggests that the themes encountered through literature, theatre and films can extend and enhance our appreciation of human nature, with all its paradoxes and complexities, and it is here that these two approaches can find common ground. The stories we are drawn to – or repelled by – tell us more about ourselves. Using a variety of well-known stories with relationship themes at their core, Clare breathes life into the paradoxical themes of each axis in the birth chart, and each character style in personality theory.

Recognising the stories in our own birth charts and in our character styles generates increased insight, psychic integration, flexibility, and greater acceptance of ourselves and others.

Suitable for psychological astrologers and for anyone interested in developmental psychology.


Alchemy: The Soul of AstrologyAlchemy: The Soul Of Astrology

Astrology and alchemy are inextricably linked, and in this very special book, over twenty-five years in the writing, Clare Martin combines her passion for both subjects. You will learn the basic tenets of alchemy and discover how these relate in practical terms to the transits of the outer planets. There has been nothing like this before.

Densely researched and vividly illustrated, this book is profoundly thought provoking and provides the reader with many new and perhaps unexpected discoveries, connections and recognitions.  It is worth revisiting, many many times.

“Thanks to Clare Martin’s clarity and depth of writing, alchemy, so often confusing and ambiguous, is alive with meaning and full of insight. As an accomplished astrologer, Clare brings the wisdom of alchemical imagination and clinical practice to enlighten and ensoul astrology, honouring the art as an in-depth psychology of the soul.  Our understanding of images, symbols and passages is intensified and amplified, which in turn activates a deeper appreciation of both the astrological and alchemical processes as soul-making.  The alchemical metaphor is animated in a way that reveals astrology as a sacred tool in the laboratory of life; that we are the vessels of our own transformation.  Beautifully written and skilfully crafted, allow yourself to be immersed in the transformative process this book evokes.”  Brian Clark, author of Soul, Symbol and Imagination.

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Mapping the Psyche: An Introduction to Psychological Astrology

Mapping the Psyche is a three volume introduction to psychological astrology, based on the transcriptions of a three-term course Clare taught for many years at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London.

Audience participation in these seminar style books ensures that the basic building blocks of astrological language are presented in the lively and relaxed format of the classroom. Questions from students punctuate the teaching, making the material accessible, fluent and immediately applicable to everyday life.  Psychological terms are fully explained and illustrated with personal examples.

Clare draws from a variety of sources, including the perennial philosophy, alchemy and the kabbalah, demonstrating the inherently spiritual and magical dimensions of this approach to psychological astrology.

The three volumes together make a terrific foundational guide. They are an ideal entry point into astrology’s symbolic language, and are recommended for anyone with a serious interest in discovering how astrology can enhance self-understanding and promote psychic integration.

“Whether you’ve been studying astrology for decades or new to astrology, read and re-read Clare Martin’s Mapping the Psyche books. She is a rare and gifted astrologer. Her teachings are jewels that continually refract and reflect the deeper meanings of the language of astrology and how they come alive in our lives. Because these books were adapted from her classes, they have a wonderfully conversational and accessible feel. The questions and comments from the students also help to create the sense of a rich tapestry in which Clare keeps highlighting the golden threads.”

Mapping The Psyche Vol 1

Mapping The Psyche: Vol 1

This volume is an introduction to astrology’s symbolic language, exploring the planets, signs, houses and aspects in the natal horoscope.

The reader is taken on a fascinating journey through the solar system, the ancient planetary gods, and how they express themselves through the signs of the zodiac, their elements and qualities.  The inclusion of the psychological dimension of human life, as well as the profound symbolism of alchemy as a parallel map of the individual journey, make this a fascinating in-depth exploration which will expand the understanding, not only of the student with no previous knowledge, but also of the most experienced astrological practitioner.

“I really enjoyed your book – it is the first astrological book I have read from cover to cover.  I am now going to buy Volume 2 as I want to understand the house system and how all of this fits in.  How comprehensive it all is and how it all fits together and what an art form the interpretation is.”


Mapping The Psyche: Vol 2

Volume 2 introduces the planetary aspects and the houses of the horoscope.  Readers will come across psychological terms such as projection, archetypes, synchronicity and the collective unconscious, which are fully explained and illustrated with personal examples.

Clare continues her clear, insightful and innovative presentation of the basics of astrological study. Exploring the planetary aspects and the houses of the horoscope, the ten lessons focus on the horoscope as a dynamic interweaving of polarities, including the complementarity of opposite signs, angles, houses and the nodal axis, which is interpreted from a fresh and exciting perspective. Aspects are illuminated by examples and discussion from the group, and the importance of a missing element or aspect is discussed with originality and depth.

Volume 2 of Mapping the Psyche is a superb successor to Clare’s first volume on the planets and the zodical signs. Clare continues her clear, insightful and innovative presentation of the basics of astrological study, and provides a solid foundation for students taking their first steps in astrology, as well as deepening the understanding of experienced practitioners who can benefit from Clare’s beautifully structured, elegant and comprehensive approach.

“I have read your first two books and they are extraordinarily educational. I just wanted to let you know that I am one of your admirers now and I am eager to start the third one. Please keep writing, you have opened to me an incredible new dimension.”


Mapping The Psyche Vol 3

Mapping The Psyche: Vol 3

Kairos – The Astrology of Time

In this long awaited third title in the series, Clare Martin gives an introduction to timing in the chart through the use of planetary transits, returns, progressions and directions.

Volume three is a clear and concise exposition of astrological timing techniques, exploring astronomical motion, the relationship between time and space, and its application in astrological practice, providing the reader with an opportunity to consciously align their lives with the movements of the heavens.  It leads seamlessly from the personal contributions of individual students, to philosophical discussion; to precise astronomical explanation and calculation; and to illuminating references to the historic roots of present-day astrology. While there is a lot of technical detail in chart analysis, the author has an easy style and her presentation is immediately accessible. 

Several years ago, when I started out on my study of astrology, I went to consult with Clare Martin, primarily to see how a ‘real’ astrologer worked. She was totally brilliant! How delighted I was when the first two volumes of Mapping the Psyche came out – they are, in my view, an absolute necessity for any student of astrology – and I waited and waited for Vol 3 in vain. But now, all these years later here it is. Just as insightful, helpful, clear and non-judgemental as the other two and a valuable addition to any astrologer’s shelves. Thank you Clare!”


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